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Devashree Nawghare is a promising Indian Classical Music Vocalist belonging to Jaipur - Atrauli Gharana. She is a disciple of Vidushi Manjiri Asnare - Kelkar. She is 'B high' graded artist of All India Radio (AIR)


Education :

  • ACADEMICS – M.A (Sanskrit)

                                    M.A. (Music)

Also did 1 year Certificate Course in German Language.

  • MUSICAL TRAINING – Learning Hindustani Classical Music of Jaipur- Atrauli Gharana from Vidushi Manjiri Asanare- Kelkar, Nashik(Maharashtra) since last 21 years.

  • MUSICAL QUALIFICATION – Completed Vishaarad from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyaalaya in the year 2011.

Acknowledgments :-

  • Participated and won 1st Prize in the Prestigious Hindustani Classical Vocal Competitions like Sharada Sangeet Vidyaalaya, Bandra (2011), Deval Club, Kolhapur (2012), Dr.Prabha Atre Foundation, Solapur(2015), Aasamant Foundation, Ratnagiri (2017).

  • Graded artist of Akashwani, All India Radio with 1st Prize in the National level Hindustani Vocal Competition held by Akashwani-All India Radio (AIR) Delhi (2019).

  • Won 2nd Prize in the Competitions- Kusumagraj Pratishthan, Nashik (2014), Sulashri Pratishthan,Chinchwad Pune (2014), Dadar- Matunga Cultural Centre, Mumbai (2014), SangeetBhooshan Pt. Ram Marathe Foundation, Pune (2019).


Scholarships :-

  • Pt. Wamanrao Padhye Scholarship (2014),

  • Smt. Kamal Tambe Scholarship, Shivaji Park Nagarik Sangh, Dadar, Mumbai (2015),

  • Citi-NCPA (National Center for Performing Arts), Mumbai Scholarship (2015-2016),

  • Yuva Sangeet Saadhak Puraskaar & Scholarship in the First Vasantotsav (Program organized in the memory of Late Pt.Vasantrao Deshpande), Nashik (2015)

  • CCRT (Center for Cultural Research & Training) Scholarship given to the Young Artists in different fields by Ministry of Culture, Govt.of India (2018).

Awards :

  • Pt. Rambhaau Maate Puraskar by Gaanvardhan, Pune by the hands of Pt.Taufiq Qureshi (2017).

  • Yuva Gandharva Sanmaan, Kankavli (2017).

  • Blue Star Award by Blue Star Ltd. For receiving 1st Prize in Hindustani Classical Vocal Competition held by All India Radio, Delhi.


Performances :-

  • Performed at Vartamaan Sangeet Sabha, Nashik (2014)

  • Gaanamaitra Sangeet Sabha, Pune (2017),

  • Sushrut Yuva Mahotsav, Pune (2017),

  • Performance & Interview in the program ‘Navpaalavi’- organized by Akashwani,Nashik (2017),

  • Gandharva Sangeet Sabha, Kankavli (2017),

  • Performed in the 105th Memory of Guruvarya Pt.Shankar Anant Tenkshe, Devgad (2018),

  • Menezes Braganza, Panaji, Goa (2018),

  • Aarambh-7 – Program organized by The Raza Foundation, New Delhi (2018),

  • Shuddhanaad, Pune (2018),

  • Performed in ‘Promising Artists’ organized by NCPA

    (National Center for Performing Arts), Mumbai (2018),

  • Performed at ‘UPAJ’- Program arranged by Shudhhanaad, Pune (2019),

  • Performed at Hyderabad (2019),

  • Performed at Khayal Trust, Near Shivaji Park, Mumbai (2019),

  • Performed in ‘Sangeet Pournima’ – Program organized by Ram

  • Chhatpar Shilp Nyas & The Raza Foundation, New Delhi at Banaras (2019),

  • Performed at ‘Malhar’ – Program included all the Women Artists in different fields- Music, Dance, Painting etc, (2019),

  • SWAR SADHANA- by Pt.Shankarrao Vairagkar Sangeet Pratishthan, Nashik (2019),

  • Programs arranged in the Schools by Baithak Foundation, Pune to promote Indian Classical Music among new generations (2019).

  • Performed in the memory of Lt.Pt.RamkrishnaBuwa Waze at Goa. (2019)

  • Performed at Kalanidhi, Pune in a theme based program called ‘Jaipur Gharana'. (2020)

    Got the opportunity to participate in the ‘Raga Chaitanya Bandish Project' on Facebook initiated by Dr.Chaitanya Kunte Sir, to perform Bandish composed by him.

  • Got an opportunity to participate in the project initiated by ‘Milan Gandhar' on Facebook in the memory of Lt.Pt.RamkrushnaBuwa Waze, to perform Bandish from his Book – “Sangeet Kala Prakash”.

  • Got the opportunity to participate in the ‘Parampara’ Project initiated by “KAUSHIK RANJANI” on FaceBook, to perform a traditional Bandish.

  • Performed LIVE from the FaceBook Pages like ‘Vaanishri’, ‘Magic Of Music', ‘Pt.Vishnu Krishna Joshi', Indradhanush Foundation etc.

  • Hindustani Classical Vocal Concert on the global online ticketed platform ‘Hungama City' in the program ‘Sadhana’.

  • Performed in the program organised by IIT Bombay Alumni Association , Mumbai Chapter.

  • Classical Music Online Concert curated by Shri.Mihir Thakore ji.

  • Performed for the program 'Project Saath' arranged by Rotary Club of Pune, Westend; Maharasthra Mandal Bay Area, California, America along with Aavartan Gurukul,Pune ; which was initiated by Pt.Ramdas Palsule, Pt.Milind Tulankar and many other senior artists. The project was undertaken for the benefit of musicians affected by Covid 19 Pandemic.

  • Performed SahGaayan with Pooja Bakre at Kashi - Vishwanath Residential Sangeet Sammelan in Nov 2022 at Varanasi (Banaras).

  • Recorded an online program curated by Shri. Mihir Thakore. (Aug 2023)
    Sang Raag Bhoop, Raag Sorath Malhar & a Bhajan.
    The Youtube link of the program is -

  • Performed in the theme based program organised by SwarGandha at Sinhagad Paytha, Pune (Nov 2023)

  • Performed in 'Prahar Swar' program organised by Jaipur GuniJanKhana, Pune. (Dec 2023)

  • Got an opportunity to participate in a whole day long program called 'AshatuPrahar Swarhotra' in Nashik in both the years. ( Jan 2023 & 2024)

  • Performed in 'Shree BrahmaChaitanya Maasik Sangeet Sabha' at Panvel. (Feb 2024)

She conducts online & offline sessions of Classical Music for Indian & abroad students since 8 years..... To know more

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